Augmentative Communication


Does your child have complex needs related to medical, genetic, and/or developmental issues? 

Are you searching for ways to help them tell you what they want or need, their opinions, what is wrong when they are upset? Has your child’s school recommended an augmentative communication book, app, or system, and you’re feeling overwhelmed and unsure where to start?

I can help.

I specialize in helping children with a wide variety of diagnoses, including Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Angelman Syndrome, Pitt Hopkins Syndrome, and other rare genetic conditions learn to communicate using augmentative communication.


My approach is to:

  • Listen to your concerns and understand your priorities, as your child may have many issues that consume your time and energy.

  • Provide a thorough evaluation to clarify your child’s specific needs.

  • Develop a plan to move forward that takes into account your child’s language, motor, vision, and hearing.

  • If augmentative communication (AAC) is needed, work with you to determine the best fit for your child and help to obtain funding to purchase their own device, if insurance allows.

  • Work to improve your child’s literacy skills, which are often not well addressed with children who use AAC.

  • Teach, coach, and support you so that you can feel confident helping your child learn to communicate.

  • Help you build a community to support you and your child by:

    • Including parents, siblings, grandparents, caregivers, and friends in therapy.

    • Working closely with your child’s school personnel.

    • Connecting you to other families of children who are also learning to use AAC to communicate.

    • Training staff at community activities your child participates in (such as Therapeutic Riding) how to use your child’s communication system.

AAC Systems

I can assist you and your child with a variety of AAC systems:

Specialized Training

  • I have training and experience working on reading and writing with children who use AAC.

  • Extensive training and experience helping children with motor impairments who cannot point to use a communication system, but rather need other access methods such as eye gaze devices or switches.

  • Completed an intensive, 40 hour Perkins-Roman CVI Range© course, to improve my ability to help children with cortical vision impairment use augmentative communication/PODD.

What is AAC?

"Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) is the term used to describe various methods of communication that can ‘add-on’ to speech and are used to get around problems with ordinary speech. AAC includes simple systems such as pictures, gestures and pointing, as well as more complex techniques involving powerful computer technology.”

Source: Communication Matters

Kind Words

Having a child with complex needs introduces you to a world you never knew existed. As parents, we are often told by specialists all the things our child cannot do and will never be able to do. Finding Lynn to both work with and support our daughter, Libby, has shown us all that Libby is capable of doing and has removed so many of the barriers placed before her. Lynn has been instrumental in helping us mainstream Libby into a typical classroom by adapting her curriculum and working with the teachers and other students. This has allowed Libby to be surrounded by her peers, motivating her to learn what we never thought possible. Lynn has helped Libby grow exponentially with her TobiiDynavox communication device, thus helping Libby improve her expressive language on a daily basis. All parents need a Lynn in their life who believes in their child and who can show them all the possibilities that their child can accomplish, giving them the tools needed to live his or her best life.
— Liz, mother of Libby, age 9